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Sales: Holiday edition!

•Granted sales permission on June 30th, 2016 by areica96
•Feedback can be found :
•Paypal only.
•I ship from FL, USA and will usually ship first class with tracking unless the item is fragile/heavy and requires additional protection. I strive to package items well and will not send anything unprotected!
•SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES but is usually reasonable :)
Please, as a courtesy, only ask for shipping quotes if you are seriously interested in buying :)
•I ship with in 24-48 hours unless otherwise stated.
Failure to pay within 3 days will result in negative feedback left unless otherwise arranged. This is pretty standard for the community.
•I will hold for 24 hours on request. Please state if committing or asking for a quote, commitment takes priority over quotes.
•International shipping available, quotes may take longer . Currently (2016) be warned shipping prices from the US to Europe are pretty costly, usually $18-22 even for small things. I have no problem shipping to these places if you are willing to pay the fee.
•Respectful haggling is acceptable, especially for multiple items
A note about feedback: I admit i can be slow or forgetful with feedback sometimes. The best way to get feedback is to leave feedback as i will go through and make sure i return it. And you can be send a pm
NEW RULES: this pertains to TCG card sales
- Shipping of cards: All cards will be sent in top loaders for protection. You may choose to have them sent via stamp, but I am NOT responsible for them if they get lost and you didnt choose to mail with tracking.

I am more then happy to provide additional photos of any items upon request!!

Small etsy blurb: I have a small shop on etsy were i make custom embroidered goods! Some are completely my own designs, some are designs i have used with permission from the original digitizer (person who programs an embroidery file). All of them were made by me. Please come and check it out!

I have a special coupon code for Live Journal pokemon fans! Enter in the code POKELOVE for 15% off!


TTO meganium UFO plush, $60 obo

$25 each MWT relaxation time flareon (banpresto UFO)

Still in package Jakks umbreon figure, small production flaw in paint on ear. Asking $45 obo

$30 each, tto lotto prize (obo)

Unsure of worth or origin at this time, price pending

talking spoons, both function, $10 each. Totodile has some marks on his knee that isn't visual in the pic. I have videos of each but i could not get them to link, so if you are interested let me know and I can email them to you. Totodile sold.

Rare pokemon time tote bag, MWT: $70 obo (no low ball offers pls)

Pokemon time coin purse $12

Custom flaaffy plush: $79 (less then what I paid for it) i have more pics upon request. I am willing to hear offers, but I am a little reluctant to sell so please do not be offended if I decline :)

Feaux leather embroidered bag, unsure of original artist. Please note slight flaw in embroidery on leafeons ear: $60 obo

Custom leafeon plush bag, picture shows how it opens and closes: $60 obo

Eevee head cushion: $20

Unofficial Noivern plush $15

Senai all stars litten $20

unofficial heliolisk: $15
helioptile us pokedoll with tags $13

LEafeon strap: $10

I love eevee leafeon keychain tto $9
Mini pokedoll eeveelus mint in box  BOTH SOLD
Eevee egg plush with tags $8
Mini plush jolteon  $8

BaB vulpix card sealed $3
Petilil kid figure $1.5
Build a bear venusaur hat $7

Japanese KFC promo including display, incomplete set (no fenekin or sylveon) $22, feel free to make offers on individual figures

custom pokemon pillow case (not made by me) $5

$27 for the set of pouches

Eevee backpack: $11

OOPS! Espurr: $19
Bandai friends chikorita $10
MWT espurr jp pokedoll $21
Small banpresto eevee plush $6

MIB Lizardon amiibo $17

Chikie tile $2
Leafeon strap $10
Tretta chips $0.50 each, $1 for the one in package
Kecleon compass $4

Mcdonalds toys. The pansage one doesn't do anything anymore, not sure what it was supposed to do. The axew one used to light up, doesn't anymore. These two are $1 each. The green one on the left is actually pretty cool, the bottom pops off and it has a roller stamp inside of it of snivy's face. $4 for this one. The paper shows the stamp it makes.

Unofficial glaceon coaster thing $3
Eevee card sleeves $6
Kecleon compass $4
Snivy ear buds $10
eevee bracelet $3

Giant sticker from online promo $5

Eevee and colorful friends collectible bromide sets (6 of them in total all pictured) $6 a set. I have several sets available.

Eevee water bottle $10
Eevee cup $10
Sceptile trainers choice set $18

Pokedoll clear files $5 each
Glaceon sleepy notebook sold
Garden chikorita bag $5
Chips $ 0.5 each

Jolteon stamper: $5
Flareon stamper $5

rayquaza figures: $3 each
zekrom mcdonalds toy, does not light up anymore $2
Spinda mcdonalds toy $3
Eevee mcdonalds toy $4.5
Darkrai tomy toy in beat up falling apart box $5

Eevee keychain $4
Jakks Mincinno $4
dedenne $3
Eevee with hibachi $6
tiny treeko on pokeball bell $2.50
talking spoons $10 each
flareon figure $1

Glaceon lot:  tomy beanie is loved and has had tush tag removed)
Palace figure: $9
Tomy beanie: $9

Tomy fenekin plush MWT $5

I think these are battle trozei stickers, the puffy kind. $10
halloween pikachu charm $3
Cell phone pouch: $12
flareon with you charm $6

Banpresto eevee tissue box. Appears to be a factory defect, one of the ears is on backwards. It has tags and checks out as legit. Asking $15 obo

Still sealed eevee pokedoll figure, box was beat up in shipping $9; eevee popping toy (mcdonalds?) $5

Espeon velboa pokedoll USA 2009 slightly loved $15
Eevee head plush $8

These are prints of concept art cells: $3 each or take the remaining ones for $10.

$4 each (pins, thy are about 1.5 inches tall)

jolteon friends plush: $8

This is a shirt I had imported from AU. It is in juvinile sizes and is sized XL, but does not fit me. I feel it is fair to say it fits more like a W medium in US sizes. It is made from a stretchy material. Only worn to try on, then displayed. $10 obo

never been opened set of belly rings with eevee and pokeball, $10

old banpresto eevee tto $5

This is a generations mega charizard trainers kit. It comes with a deck box, dice, chips, deck dividers, card protectors. The cards shown are optional. The stack on the left are the ones pictured below. They are nothing super fancy, no EXs or anything, there are some shiny cards. The stack on the right is energies. If you want all the cards that is fine, the only issue is that with all of the cards the box is to heavy to send first class so you have to pay for priority shipping. Without the energies i may be able to squeeze it into a first class package, which is less expensive. I am unsure what to ask, so I am asking $20 OBO

TCG tins: $5 each or free with $25 purchase (may change shipping)

not pokemon related, but i have some zelda themed perlers for sale. $3 each

monster hunter pre order pins $4 each


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